Mechanical Testing

mechanical testing

We have over 15 years’ experience providing mechanical, vibration and shock testing. Thanks to our advanced reliability analysis techniques, we are able to determine the limits of your products.


Our laboratory consists of a wide range of equipment, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently to your product qualification needs. Testing can be carried out during the development phases of products and can be conducted to a number of standards and specifications.


The deterioration of the visual appearance of a product is a factor in the quality of your product in the eye of your customer. The alterations of the surface of the products can be due to stimuli of all kinds. We can reproduce or evaluate the effects of mechanical degradation of products. For example, we can subject the products to intense dynamic stress and check qualitatively, for example, the quality and adhesion of coatings. Scratch and impact tests can accurate reveal the sensitivity of the products to scratches by friction on low-abrasive surfaces, as well as damage resulting from accidental friction against rough, abrasive and hard surfaces.