Ingress Protection

Ingress Protection Testing (IP)

By leakage test or leak test, we mean a process capable of checking the pneumatic seal of a product with a leak test. Unlike most types of measurements, such as size or weight, the control system necessarily involves an automatic device for the test. This validation makes it possible to predict possible failures of a product in service.


Possible settings


A) Verification systems, with operator and location of the vanishing point

  • Water control with pressurized part (visual inspection)
  • Control with soapy water (visual inspection)
  • Control with reagents and UV lamps (visual inspection)
  • Control with gas (helium) pressurized (mass spectrometer)
  • Control with pressurized hot air (visual inspection with IR)
  • Variable dielectric control on plastic parts (high voltage ionic system)

B) Automatic systems with Good / Reject indication and leakage value

  • Control by measuring the flow in the pressurized room
  • Control by differential pressure drop control part / reference part
  • Pressure drop control in the pressurized room
  • Control by "recovery" of the increase in pressure under bell


List of IP Testing Standards

  • IEC 60529
  • IPX1 to IPX7
  • IP2X to IP6X
  • ... other available tests.