Drop Shock

Drop Shock Testing, Free Fall Drop Testing

A drop test is a method of checking the characteristics of an experimental prototype by lifting the test prototype at a specific altitude and then releasing it. This is an essential step to consider in designing and manufacturing products from several areas of interest. A simple test to assess the effects of falls likely to be encountered due to rough handling.


Degree of Robustness


A test that simulates, among other things, repetitive shocks likely to be received by certain components, or prototypes, such as cables, electrical connectors, mechanical parts, etc.


Drop Testing Capabilities

  • Drop testing can be conducted from a variety of heights
  • Variety of sizes and weights possible
  • Components damaged by freefall will be discarded.
  • Components that can withstand the fall without damage during the visual inspection will move to another stage of the test which may vary according to the applicable standards.


Drop Testing Standards Include

  • IEC 60068-2-31
  • GM 15310
  • GM 16288
  • Chrysler PF-11710
  • ISO 16750-3
  • …other standards as requested