Acceleration testing

Acceleration Testing

The goal of acceleration testing is to provide engineers with data on the behavior of materials and equipment when the test items are subjected to acceleration forces (g-forces) applied slowly and steadily for extended periods of time, thus “constant acceleration”.


This type of test can be carried out with our electromechanical exciters or with a centrifuge (depending on the mass of the equipment and the value of the acceleration to be applied).


Constant acceleration tests may reveal mechanical and structural weaknesses not necessarily detected in vibration or mechanical shock.


Acceleration testing services we provide cover:

  • Adaptable on several axes
  • More than 100 rpm (20g)
  • Possible feeding during the test
  • Possibility of testing on a wide variety of masses, including high masses
  • Arm radius up to 2.5m


Test specifications which reference acceleration testing include:

  • MIL –STD -810
  • RTCA DO-160
  • ASTM  D 4728
  • Other standards are available